dollars minimum investment


Anyone who can saves for the future.  But Americans do not save enough.  And they are taxed on the interest earned on savings, except in tax-advantaged savings programs such as Individual Retirement Accounts or education-oriented 529 and other accounts.  But in those programs, money removed for purposes other than the primary objective are subject to penalties and taxes.  This restricts freedom to use savings as needed, when needed.


All Americans, investors and non-investors alike, benefit when the economy grows.  All investors, whether wealthy or not, want to pay as little tax and have as much freedom as possible to use their savings as they see fit.  One might save $100 for retirement, but discover after ten years that it is needed for education instead.  There is no good reason why spending the money for one purpose should be favored over another, especially if the money has already served the greater good by contributing to economic growth in the InfraBank for that period of time.  Therefore, the InfraBank Project proposes that capital and interest resulting from bonds invested in the InfraBank be tax free, non-reportable income.  And that an InfraBank investment be accessible to anyone who can save, from the High School student with a part-time job, to major corporations with millions overseas.


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